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Fox and Madams’ - Grab and Globes!

The Jackal

Tempting, Intriguing, and always seductive classic citrus sweet taste of the “Med” with a Kentucky kick. This drink will swindle your down “thyme” into a good “thyme”

Bourbon, Thyme, Tuaca & Orange Juice

Tilly Devine

This notorious madam of the land down under and “sly-grog” owner slinging unlicensed drinks and other unmentionables. Rest assured we are licensed but try one of the bests from this female Crime Boss and famous folk figure!

Bourbon, Crème de Cassis, Cranberry Juice, and Lemon Juice

Peanut Butter Jelly Time


Peanut Butter Whiskey, Chambord & Cream

Foxy Brown

Don’t let the sweet appearance fool you, Foxy Brown, comes with a twist! A little undercover sweetness and a little tart packs a punch of righteous vigilantism on your taste buds!

Brown Sugar Bourbon, Lemon Drop moonshine with a rosemary garnish


We have all been there, at least once in our lives. Whether it was your fault or not we know the story. Starts with some heat then you are left wondering where it went. Enjoy being ghosted this time.

Ghost Pepper Vodka, charred jalapeño, and pineapple juice

Marie Antoinette

“LET THEM DRINK GREAT!” …or something like that. We may not be out of touch with our subjects, but we want to give something more priceless than your standard cocktail! This elegant, floral, and powerful mixture is enough to lose your head!

Kettle One grapefruit and rose, crème de Violette, Lemonade, and an edible rose

Fountain of youth

We have searched around the “globe” and we found it! Enjoy a well-balanced, carefully crafted elixir from the fountain of youth. It may not make you look younger, but it will certainly make you feel younger! P.S. You look great.

St. Germain, Luxardo Liqueur, Gin, Mixed w/ Lemon, and Lucardo Cherries.

Honest John

The original sly fox of a timeless classic. This smooth, swift, intelligent and sophisticated balanced drink will take you to pleasure isle where every day is a holiday!

Gin, St. Germaine, Pear Nectar & Sparkling wine

Breakfast Bourbon

America! Bourbon with extra bourbon. Served with a bacon bite to ensure you have the 3 B’s of a balanced breakfast! Bourbon, Bourbon, Bacon.

Knob Creek, Knob Creek Maple, served with candied bacon

The Vesper

Vodka Martini…Shaken, not stirred.  This drink is purely fictional. It was created by the author in his first book about the now-famous British Secret Intelligence Service agent and has also become known as the "James Bond martini."

3 ounces gin, 1-ounce vodka 1/2-ounce Lillete Blanc, Lemon peel, for garnish

Mahogany Manhatten 

Fox's tasting den smells of rich mahogany "Wood"-ford and many leather-bound books. Tasteful notes of chocolate and cherry bitters for a sweet treat; followed by a sophisticated blend of sweet vermouth, and a dropper of precious Luxardo cherry juice. Sophisticated as a Fox. 

Woodford Reserve, Luxardo Cherry Juice, Cherry and Chocolate Bitters, and Sweet Vermouth. 

Wine List

Bella Terra Riesling
Bursting with flavors like nectarine and pear, this aromatic wine has just a kiss of sweetness making it
agreeable for both dray and sweet wine drinkers. Grown and bottled in Bedford, PA.

The Pinot Project – Pinot Grigio
White flowers, Granny Smith apples, and lemon zest on the nose. A crisp, bright Pinot Grigio with
balanced acidity and great structure. Harvested from the prestigious growing region of Veneto, Italy.

Bella Terra Chardonnay
This Chardonnay is slightly buttery with notes of oak and a crisp finish. Grown and bottled in Bedford,

The Pinot Project – Rosé
Juicy white peach and fresh-picked raspberry. Finishes with a bright, zippy burst of acidity. The Pinot
Noir grapes for this Rosé come from the village of Vias, in the South of France, where twenty-plus-year-
old vines are planted on rocky, volcanic soils.

Bella Red
A dry fruity red blend with hints of raspberry and blackberry. Aged in steel and bottled in Bedford, PA.

The Pinot Project – Pinot Noir
Dark cherry, blackberry, and cacao with a smooth, lingering finish. Medium-bodied with fine-grained
tannins. Handcrafted from high-quality vineyards in California’s coastal regions — from Monterey and
San Benito on the central coast, to Suisun Valley on the north.

Bella Terra Carménère
This medium-bodied red wine has intriguing characteristics that keep you on your toes like paprika, bell
pepper, raspberry, and rose. Carménère is lighter in tannins and has similar characteristics to an oldie
but goodie: Merlot. Bottled in Bedford, PA.








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